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1979,School Plays/Performances. ”Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, performed Easter, Entertainment Centre

Joseph March 1979Joseph Chorus          Joseph and the brothers       Joseph Potiphar scene       Further Photos and promotional /advertising details provided by Tony Dunne, who played one  part of  the group known as ”Potiphar’s Pals”.

Tony,  recollects :- ”

I believe Joseph was played by Wayne Gwilym, Jacob by Jonathan Gower. See link below.
As to the others my memory is a little hazy. This probably would be a good place to appeal for names via social media.
Noel Rees (English teacher) produced the event and Penri Williams (Music teacher) was the musical director, (pictured at the rear of the “Chorus” photo.) I am unsure of the names of the female members of staff.
From January 1979, casting and rehearsals initially took place in the school gymnasiums during lunchbreaks along with some evenings and weekends closer to the start of the show. Final rehearsals took place in a rehearsal room at the entertainment centre and dress rehearsals took place on stage.