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Athletic Team,1946,provided by Brian ( Mick ) Watts, seated extreme right of those sitting ( 2nd row )


We are very pleased that Brian ( Mick ) has penned a synopsis of his time in school, national service and career & life thereafter.
All recollections from former pupils are very interesting and much appreciated.

Thank You Mr Buckee for accepting me into the Llanelli Grammar School Old Boys. I was a pupil there, having graduated from Bigyn School, from 1942 to 1948. Mr TV Shaw was headmaster, I was in 4A Science latter part of my stay there Teachers I had were Mr Humphries,-Science, Mr Suthers- Biology and Mr Harries- Maths They are the ones I can recall. I was a member of the Harrier Team also played in the school Orchestra- violin was also member of the school Athletic team I did not graduate as I left at 17 years of age to start apprenticeship as jockey in Newmarket in 1948, I lived in Caswell Street Pen Y Fan and was born in Trinity Road in a Woodwork place(Forget name) and was born in a Rail carriage that had been converted into a sort of bungalow named Corporation Bungalow. It was owned by the Llanelli Corporation who my father worked for, My father was a well known Llanelli Boxer and my Grandfather played for the Scarlets & Wales back in 1908 – Jim Watts. He played for both teams when they beat the Wallabies in 1908 He had 11 caps all together I was called up to do my National Service in 1950 which put an end to my apprenticeship as a Jockey Served in the RASC and was in Khartoum, Sudan from 1950 to 1952. I was a Clerk in the Army. I returned to Newmarket and worked with Racehorses for number of years I emigrated to USA in 1980 and is where I am living now with wife – ex Newmarket girl – and have 2 children Boy & Girl, We have been married for 60 years this coming June and met 64 years ago We met at an Old Tyme Dance back in 1953. We also learned to Square dance at the US Base in Lakenheath also American Round Dancing (Similar to Old Tyme Dancing) which we also used to teach We still are Square Dancing but stopped the Round Dancing and in its place I teach Line Dancing. So we are still pretty active My parents died pretty early in their lives. 62 & 59 also lost my sister when she was 69. I still have relations in Llanelli on my Sisters side of the family She had 2 children and between them they have 6 children and they have produced 13 children – they all live within Felinfoel & Swiss Valley. Well hope I have not bored you, but thought I would give a good introduction. My proper name is Brian. Mick is a nick name.

Also in the Team:- Vivian Griffiths, (middle sitting); Gwynne Clement (2nd row from back) ;Ken Jones (2nd left,3rd row.)

If others are recognised – please advise, Thankyou