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1947 Llanelli Boys’ Grammar School Athletic Team. Provided by Tom Morgan,(back row,4th from left ) who entered the school 1944.

Message to any person who may be in this photos ,or related to – members of the 1947 Llanelli Grammar School Athletic Team, please comment on Facebook and in particular contact Tom Morgan, back row,5th from right..
or contact
With the Head teacher Mr. T V Shaw is Mr. Tom Jones.
Mr. Jones established the renowned Athletics standard of the school and was the first qualified P.E. teacher appointed to the school. He also promoted the gymnastics ,and from his first team, Peter Thorpe, John O Rees and Ken Chin were selected for the Welsh team which attended the 1949 Lingiad in Sweden. During these years, support for the School Athletic team was tremendous and the school dominated the Carmarthenshire Athletics Championships.
Outstanding athletes of this era were Vivian Griffiths, Neville Jones, A.A.A. Junior 100yds champion, Hugh Longhurst, Welsh 880 yds. champion and Ernest Bibbs, 440 yds. champion.
(Can anyone advise if the above mentioned athletes are in the photo and naturally the names of any of the team, thankyou.)

Fortunately Tom Morgan (back row,4th from left ) has provided the names of certain athletes – these are from left to right :-
Front Row, 3rd -Donald Phillips.
Next row up :- 2nd Ernest Bibbs, 3rd Jeff Bowen, 4th Neville Jones, Mr. T V Shaw, Head Master, Mr. Tommy Jones, Sports Master
Next Row up:- 1st Clive Jones, 2nd Gwynne Clement, 5th Geoff Tucker, 11th Eric Johns.
Top Row :- 1st Arfon Jones, 2nd Harry Thomas, 4th Tom Morgan , 8th Noram Jones.
Naturally any further assistance to Tom Morgan to determine further team names – would be appreciated.
Are any of your family/relatives in the team – we would be please to receive information via ‘comments’ in Facebook site ,  thankyou