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Magazine 1921( top cover missing )To 1939 magazines produced termly. This Autumn Term magazine contains pages 3 to28.

Llanelly County School Magazine – 1921

This magazine ,Autumn Term, hence contains  pages 3 to 28.

Headmaster Griffiths Thomas M.A.( Oxford). Pupil numbers  470,  with 39 in form VI ( highest on record ). Number of forms 15 comprising form VI: Forms Va, Vb, Vc;   forms IVa, IVb, IVc, ;  Forms IIIa,IIb,IIIc, IIId;  and forms IIa,IIb,IIc,IId;.

Classrooms occupied were Physics Lab(VI), Assembly Hall (Va,Vb,), Gymnasium (Vc) Detention Room(IVa), Rooms in Upper Corridor,(IVb,IVc,), Lecture Rooms,(IIIa,b,c,d) 2 rooms in the Hut,(IIa,IIb), Dining Hall,(IIc), and Workshop (IId) . Space was a premium but there was talk of a new County School to be built in Pontyberem – which would take the Gwendraeth Valley Boys and reduce congestion