Categories 1968-1972 John Vaughan Harries and Alun Thomas

John V Harries M.Sc., Headmaster 1968-1972, & D Alun Thomas B.A. Headmaster 1973.


Mr. John  Harries was an Old Boy of the School, and a graduate with a First Class Honour Degree in Pure & applied Mathematics  from Aberystwyth University. Later he was awarded a M.Sc. from the University of Wales. He became a member of Staff in 1939 and was appointed Headmaster in 1968. Sadly Mr. Harries passed  away day after the last day of the Xmas Term 1972.

Mr. Alun Thomas who  became Acting Headmaster records  –  that he will be remembered by countless Old Boys for his outstanding work as a teacher of Mathematics. As a Headmaster he guided the School with wisdom, integrity, honesty and humility. He was a man of deep religious convictions, a man of strong moral principles, with the courage to stand by them. He was a very charitable man, and the cause of Charity was always very near to his heart.

Mr. David  Alun Thomas was appointed as a Classics teacher in 1946, was Deputy Head of the School from 1969 until retirement in 1975.He was Acting Head in 1973 after the sad loss of J V Harries and prior to the appointment of Mr. R  I Denis Jones in 1973.

Denis Jones recorded that  –  Mr. Alun Thomas took over the duties of Headmaster until I arrived in September ( 1973).He had all the qualities of a leader and was a person who was instinctively trusted, respected and admired. During his term of office he received and earned the loyal support of the staff and kept the School’s fine tradition. If we can rely on teachers of such caliber as Mr. Alun Thomas – a man of vision, of standing, of qualities, of iron discipline, of true values and high standards, the future will be in fine hands