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1979,School Plays/Performances. ”Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, performed Easter, Entertainment Centre

Joseph and the brothersTony Dunne ,who took part in the Musical recalls:-
After the successful musical version of ”Treasure Island” in 1978, that the Musical ”Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat ” was performed in 1979 ,again in the  Llanelli Entertainment Center. Matinee performances were seen by pupils from all the other schools in Llanelli and evening performances were open to members of the public. The Musical again was a great success.
Tony  has  attached some still publicity photographs of the production. Tony recalls – ” If you look carefully at the photograph named Main cast ( third  from top ) you will see Claire Rumble  sitting down at the front (Just right of Centre) and myself standing 2nd from the right in some quite fetching white shorts and boater with a red waistcoat on.”
Tony and Claire are committee member of the Association .
Top Photo is the Final scene, 2nd the Pharaoh Scene, 3rd Main cast ,4th the Cafe Scene.