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T V Shaw M.A. Headmaster from 1937 to 1956

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The above Photos and autographed signatures were collated by the late David Howell Jones, former pupil , who left the School in 1947. His daughter Lynne Street has kindly donated his Autograph Book and Photos for our archives, Lynne also advises that her father had poignant memories of his life at school. His family struggled for money and to send their son to the Grammar School was a sacrifice. Her father David spoke emotionally of the kindness of the Headmaster T V Shaw.  Lynne’s donations  are very  much appreciated, Thank you.

T  V  Shaw was an Assistant Master for 15 years, Jan 1922 to Dec 1937, teaching English, followed by 18 years as Headmaster from Jan 1937 to 1956.

Stanley Rees (headmaster1956-1968) stated that:  ”T V Shaw was a learned and inspiring teacher of English. He bought a new dimension to his subject and his pupils came to love literature and things English. He had a sensitive approach to poetry and he appreciated the niceties of Style. He was assuredly a worthy successor to Griff J Thomas ( 1917 – 1936 ) as Headmaster and it was an honour to follow in his steps when he retired. “

As Rev. J Ifor Rees, Dean of Bangor recalls in 1977:  ”T V Shaw who became head in his first year in school (1937 ) that on becoming head one saw his increasing influence bring new lustre to the school, despite the problems & drawbacks of the times. T V  Shaw, a native of Dudley, who had learnt Welsh, was one of the finest Christians I have ever known, and his personality left it’s imprint on the school and on individuals.”

He continued; ”Gentle yet firm, T.V. had a natural humility. He knew every boy in the school by his Christian name and possessed a wonderful insight into human nature. He put youngsters on their honour and expected high standards from us – standards which, to our surprise, we found ourselves attaining.”