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Magazine Mid-Summer 1924, Price 6d. To 1939 magazines published termly, this Summer Term magazine contains pages 39 to 51

Llanelly County School Magazine – Mid-summer 1924

Headmaster Griffiths J Thomas, M.A., (from 1917) ,late  Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford.

Number of Assistant Masters 20,including T V Shaw B.A. Hons English ( future headmaster ). School Fees including Games £4.13s.0d per annum or £1.11s.0d per term

Recommended admission age 12.

Of interest in the Magazine is the reference to :-

 ”The Wireless Club, – this society is becoming very popular. The School proudly has a 6 valve set, and is daily tuned in mostly to stations in Cardiff, Bournemouth, London, Manchester and Paris.

The BBC Stations have educational items for schoolboys on their programmes & many interesting lectures might be received in the afternoons. The School however lacks a loudspeaker and is seeking funds therefor from all wealthy friends of the School.”!